Commercial Systems

Whether it is Sea World, Holiday Inn, McDonalds, or the local hospital, Avid makes a water treatment system to meet the flow rate and water quality requirements. Large water softeners, iron filters, reverse osmosis units, sediment and carbon filters are “off the shelf” items. Filters feature filtered water backwash for superior performance. Water softeners utilize fully programmable electronic controls to minimize salt and water consumption.

CI Series

This series is available in 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 2”, and 3” control valves and flow rates up to 250 GPM per resin tank. Single and multiple tank configurations can be time clock or meter initiated. A unique modular design allows for easy maintenance and service. The softener has sizes available to handle everything from a large home to a small town.

ODF Series Twin Tank System

Alternating standby, twin tank system provides uninterrupted soft water 24 hours a day. Regeneration is completely done with soft water minimizing service calls. This softener is available with 1.5” meter and control valve. Frequently, this series is used in an apartment building.

GS Series Commercial Softener

This series is a heavy duty commercial softener with 3” control valve. Resin tanks can be fiberglass or steel with top mount or side mount valves. Flow rates can be up to 260 GPM per resin tank. Time clock and meter initiated regeneration, plus you have the option of alternating standby; sequential regeneration; or progressive flow systems. Typical applications for the GS Series are hospitals, large factories, large hotels, small communities, very large dormitories, etc.

HF Series Multiple Tank Systems

Two inch control valve and meter make this series ideal for motels, nursing homes, automatic car washes, factories, schools, and apartment buildings. Multiple tank systems can be programmed for alternating standby; sequential regeneration, or progressive flow applications.

OXY3 Series Iron Filters

Commercial iron filters with continuous flow rates from 3 to 754 GPM. These systems require no chemical regenerant, no air compressors or in-line venturi for oxidation. All units are backwashed with filtered water to maintain very clean filter media. Acid water problems, obnoxious odors, iron, and manganese can all be removed. Suitable installations include schools, mobile home parks, live stock and poultry watering irrigation, laundries, even complete housing developments.