Residential Filters

Extremely difficult water problems can be corrected with the wide range of filters manufactured by Avid. If your problem is: acid water, high iron, arsenic, nitrates, sulfates, manganese, rotten egg odor, sediment, or chlorine Avid has the filter to handle the job. Filter systems are available in sizes that meet the flow rate needed, no matter how big the demand. Most systems do not require a chemical regenerant and use a very limited amount of water to clean the filter media.

O3 Series Filter

This filter reduces staining and eliminates odors in water when associated with iron or hydrogen sulfide in limited quantities. Also, it requires no chemicals, and does not have an in-line venturi to plug or adjust, and there are no air compressors or air release valves.

O3 Instruction Manual

UN Series Up Flow Filter

This Up Flow filter is designed to elevate the pH of acidic water. Raising the pH stops corrosion of metal fittings and fixtures. How high the pH is increased depends on the media chosen and contact time.

UN Series Instruction Manual

DF Series Non-Backwashing Filter

This Down Flow Non-Backwashing filter is designed to work with various filter medias. The most common filter media is activated carbon for the removal of taste, odor, and de-chlorination.

DF Series Instructions Manual

FB Series Filter

Great flexibility is provided by these reliable, time proven systems. Many types of filter media can be used to gain the results you desire: activated carbon for taste and odor reduction; acid neutralizer media for pH correction; filter ag for turbidity removal; etc.

CF Series Iron Pro System

The Iron Pro System is the perfect solution for removing iron from household water without using chemical regenerates. That means no salt, potassium permanganate, chlorine, or any other chemicals to buy or mess with. Instead, this unique system oxidizes iron to create molecules that can be readily captured in filter media.

CF Veri-Jet Instructions