Residential Softeners

Avid offers various types of residential water softeners, which include: non-electric, mechanical time clock, mechanical meter initiated, electronic meter, and twin tank alternating systems. Avid manufactures softeners with 3/4”, 1”, 1.25”, and 1.5” controls to handle any flow rate requirements. Below you will find a list of softeners Avid manufacturers, along with the brochure page and manual.

I Series Water Softener

This softener brings system performance and ease of service to a new level with the modular design and adjustable regeneration cycle sequences, along with many other features.

I & INT Manual

II Series Rust Handler Softener

This is a rust handler softener, which removes higher levels of ferrous iron than a standard softener. The modular design and push-button simplicity makes it easy to retrieve information.

HE Series Softener

This high efficiency softener uses only 4 lbs of salt per regeneration, which will have a savings of 33% when compared to the standard softeners. This softener utilizes a revolutionary new resin that has higher kinetics resulting in less salt usage.

HE Manual

Z Series Softener

This new softener has an automatic chlorine generator that disinfects the unit with each regeneration.  Chlorine is generated from standard salt that is used to regernerate the softener.  Hardness, iron, iron bacteria, and sulfur bacteria are all reduced by the disinfector series.

Z Series Installation Sheet

EM Series Large Water Softener

Light commercial/large residential water softener, ideal for large homes, restaurants, banks, office buildings, etc. The 1.25” valve offers high flow rates with minimal pressure loss.

AFS Series Iron Filter Combination

This is a water softener and iron filter combination unit that will do the job of three pieces of equipment (iron filter, acid neutralizer, and water softener). This unit is currently patent pending.

AFS Series Manual

INT Series Softener

This softener uses fine mesh resin, which may eliminate the need for an iron filter and has a small foot print of only 11” x 24”.

I & INT Manual

PDS Series Twin Tank Softener

This twin tank softener provides continuous soft water 24 hours a day. Should your demand for soft water exceed the capacity of the first tank, the second tank is there to provide a continuous supply of soft water.  This series has an innovative quick connection for seamless switching between the tanks.

N Series Softener

This softener is designed to effectively treat most common hard water problems found in either municipal or well water sources. All N Series models are affordable and efficient to operate in removing unwanted hardness and minerals from your household water.

N Series Manual

NT Series

This series is designed to remove the tannic acid “ice tea” color from water. Hardness is also eliminated and iron greatly reduced.

F Series Water Softener

This softener is designed to provide many years of dependable service. In addition to durability, they are designed to conserve salt and water. For enhanced “iron handling, “Rust Handler” models significantly outperform standard systems.

F Series Manual