About Us

Patented or patent applied for filters such as the O3 Series Iron Filter, not only provide great quality water, but do so using less energy and are far more trouble free. In every water treatment category, Avid has “a better mouse trap.” By having more efficient softeners, easier to service reverse osmosis systems, better performing cartridge filters and extremely salt stingy commercial units Avid provides great quality water.

Free water analysis is done in our lab, so a recommendation can make sure the correct equipment is installed for all applications. Lab technicians, like all other key positions, are filled with long-time employees that have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide outstanding customer support.

Just give us a call. A real person answers the phone and that person can generally answer your questions or quickly get the help you need so that outstanding customer support is provided. Plus, all factory salesmen drive full size vans with repair parts needed to fix any water treatment device. Service is always close by.

Avid is filled with long-time employees that have the knowledge and experience that is required for the development of new products. Avid looks to the future to research and develop new products. This is done to aid in fixing your specific water needs.

Avid Water Systems is in stock at wholesale distributors across the nation.

Our History

Our roots go back to 1934. This was the year that Charlie Sidell started in the water treatment business with his one employee, Emmett Culligan. They manufactured manual water softeners in their Fort Wayne, Indiana facility. In 1967, the new owners Robert and Rudy Wilfong moved the factory to Churubusco, Indiana. This new location provided room to grow in a rural and more wholesome environment to build the business. And grow it did! The business evolved into the largest supplier of water treatment equipment to the plumbing and well supply trade. Today, Avid offers a complete line of innovative filters, softeners, and reverse osmosis systems. These products are available through licensed plumbers, well drillers, and pump installers nationwide.